OLU‑Preg® 100 GT Type

Thin Ply PP-GF Organo Sheet. Bidirectional Non Crimp Fabric (NCF)-Reinforcement Reinforcement direction available 90°/±30°


OLU-Preg® 100 GT-Type
Tensile Strength 90°/±30° Reinforcement

OLU-Preg Thickness SamplesUnidirectional
laminate layers
from 0.1 mm


OLU-Preg® 100 GT-Type
Tensile Modulus 90°/±30° Reinforcement


Release date 10/2017. This data sheet supersedes all previous editions, which thereby become invalid. The data listed refers to a specific composition only and were tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO. The mechanical chararacteristic values depend on many factors of material used and processing parameters. Any use of this information must be clarified with OLU-Preg Composite GmbH. OLU-Preg Composite GmbH does not assume any responsibility for any use of this information not clarified with OLU-Preg Composite GmbH.


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