Detail View: Composite Consolidation of the Semi-Finished Textile

View of both orthogonal reinforcement layers with plastic matrix between them

OLU-Preg Sectional view 100 x magnification

Sectional view 100 x magnification

Characteristics OLU-PregĀ®

  • Matrix Material PP, PA
  • Textile reinforcements, e.g. GF, CF
  • Two UD reinforcement layers free of ondulation, separated by matrix
  • Short Matrix flow paths during consolidation
  • Integration of impact element, e.g. sensors
  • Generally fabricable in all material combinations
  • Available in matrix colours natural and black, other RAL colours possible
  • Fabrication of thin and lightweight laminates starting at 0.1 mm sheet thickness

Complete penetration of the reinforcement structure with matrix material

OLU-Preg Sectional view 1,000 x magnification

Sectional view 1,000 x magnification

Advantages OLU-PregĀ®

  • Fibre volume up to 50%
  • Free of air inclusions
  • Easy thermal forming, very good drapability, excellent deformation behavior
  • High impact strength and collision-energy absorbtion, locally differentiated reinforcement adjustment
  • Recyclable